“Tailoring” is not a common word, because it reminds us of old times, traditions of the past.
Our idea of tailoring is very up to date. It starts with a chat with our designers that helps explaining what one wants and then with her it goes on by trying different pieces to understand better one’s taste and the best lines for one’s figure. After that there is the choice of fabric and the making of the patter. Then it goes on to the cutting and the execution of a tailor made gown, cut, sewn and finished in Lugano right in out Atelier. At the end the gown can be embellished with simple embroidery or with more elaborate ones, all done by hand. We produce tailor made gowns for men and women, for the latter we start from scratch taking one’s measures.

This experience helps creating a perfect look that helps enhance one’ strengths and conceal one’s flaws, building a gown for every size. Tailoring enhance the beauty of clients who is afraid of not being a standard size, that wishes to have a one of a kind gown, something personal that can only be worn by her.
Proponiamo alle nostre clienti solamente tessuti pregiati ed esclusivi e finiture sartoriali fatte a mano, frutto della tradizione che solo la terza generazione di sarte può dare.
We are making available to our clients only the most refined and exclusive fabrics made by hand, born from the tradition that only a third generation of seamstresses can guarantee.
All of this will be completed by shoes or bags made from the same fabric of the gown or with personalized, one of a king hairstyles. Sincerely it is going to be a pleasant surprise to find that the price is in perfect balance with quality